my yoga history

"Anastasia's class might be the first time, in a long time, that I can breathe so easily." - MIKA, Yoga Student

  • 200 hour Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher from The Triad Yoga Institute
  • Advanced Prenatal Yoga certified from Kripalu Center and Pranakriya Yoga
  • Certified YogaBorn instructor
  • Certified vibrational massage therapist from the Vibrational Sound Association
  • Five years experience teaching at spas, yoga studios, community centers and schools (including The Westmoor Club, Nantucket Community School, Sun and Moon Yoga, Yoga Great Barrington, and Darrow School)
  • Designed and taught yoga classes for a range of bodies and abilities including vinyasa flow, gentle yoga, yin yoga, prenatal yoga and restorative yoga
  • Expertise in teaching yoga for women's bodies, including yoga during the perinatal period


 yoga & Pregnancy: Better Together

During pregnancy, your body is in an apparent state of flux every single day. You may feel the transformational pains-of being pregnant, and perhaps you feel completely uncomfortable in your own body. Practicing yoga gives you the chance to find ease in this transformation. 

Through mindfulness practices in yoga class, you'll grow to accept the impermanence of your pregnancy pains and, in turn, to understand and accept the impermanence of labor pains (and motherhood pains). Furthermore, stretching your body, rediscovering your center of gravity, understanding functional body mechanics of pregnancy all help to keep your muscles toned and your skeleton in proper alignment despite the duress of your growing body. 


"After taking Anastasia's prenatal yoga class, I'm confident that I have the strength to get through labor" --Lindsey, yoga student


As the muscles of your pelvic floor stretch to hold the weight of your growing baby, it's essential to practice yoga poses that strengthen and tone these muscles. My prenatal yoga classes are designed to first increase your awareness of the pelvic floor muscles, and then to teach you to consciously tighten and release these muscles in preparation for childbirth and postpartum recovery, even if you're not planning a vaginal birth.

Of course this is not just a time for physical transformation! As your family grows, and your entire world transitions to welcome this new life, it's an ideal time to practice loving self-care throughout this momentous shift. By setting these healthy habits now, you're passing them on to your baby before s/he even arrives.