As a doula, I collaborate with women, their families and their healthcare team to create a supportive and empowering birth experience. 

birth doula services

Your experience giving birth matters! Regardless of how you plan on giving birth, or how your birth unfolds, you deserve the care of a professional and compassionate doula who will provide nonjudgemental, continuous support. As your doula, I make your needs my priority.

How will I help? During your labor, I will be a continuous presence, offering you calm, encouraging words, hands-on support to ease the pain of contractions, balanced perspective during difficult decision-making, and an open mind toward your personal history and birth preferences. I customize my services to your personal needs, knowing that every client and each birth is unique.

As a trained professional I have studied the physiological and emotional processes of birth, and am knowledgeable about the risks, benefits and alternatives of many labor procedures, I have experience providing emotional and physical comfort to women in a variety of settings during both medicated and unmedicated labors. 

Birth Doula Support Package Includes:

  • Prenatal consultations to discover and discuss your preferences and needs
  • Assistance creating a personalized birth plan 
  • On-call availability from 38 weeks to the time of your birth
  • Continuous support throughout labor and delivery, beginning at home (if you wish) and continuing wherever you plan to give birth
  • Hands on comfort measures and suggestions to ease contractions during labor 
  • Postpartum visit, including a written birth story from my perspective for you to have as a memento of this day

"Anastasia helped me have the natural birth I wanted. Her words and presence were calming and so helpful during the difficulty of labor" 

- Kalena, former client

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