So Nice To Meet You

As a writer and a writing teacher, I discovered that the work (the story, the essay, the poem, the lesson, etc.) is never done. The writing process shows us that we are in a cycle of creating, reflecting and revising. And strangely enough, the writing -- that is, the product -- tends to comes out better when we lean into this cycle. 

So what can process teach us about our embodied experiences? About living at peace with our growing, aging, moving bodies? This is the question that kept me up at night, and later lead me to focus on guiding others to accept the unfolding process of being present in their bodies, even at the most challenging times. 

As women, many of us have been systematically alienated from our own bodies since puberty, making the experiences of sexuality, pregnancy and motherhood even more complicated. While we do not have a singular, global experience as women, I believe learning about our bodies and practicing gentle non-judgemental awareness of our bodies and minds in this context is a radical feminist act.

In 2014 I left my career as a writing teacher to travel with my husband. We've since lived in Tokyo, Nantucket, and now New Zealand. I'm learning more about birth and bodies with every move we make, and I'm taking notes as we go